P. Diddy and Robert DeNiro Do SNL Comedy Skit In Drag

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Obviously Diddy’s lobbying to SNL producers, via Twitter last week, to put him in a skit with host Robert DeNiro paid off.

The two appeared together in a scene in where Diddy — playing an over-amped music executive – touts the talents of the “Hottest Hook Guy” in the business: Blizzard Man. (Watch it below.)

Andy Samberg enters a recording studio in full early ’90s regalia – colored shades, silky shirt, sprayed-stiff hair – and drops a few wiggity wack rhymes to the horror of the other producers. Then Blizzard’s mom, played by DeNiro, sashays in, suited up in a gaudy sweater and leggings outfit that catches the eye of a (presumably) delusional Diddy. “You know a bitch gotta stay dipped,” the Hollywood great says.

After sizing her up later on, the Last Train to Paris rapper tells DeNiro’s alter ego that, “If you wasn’t my man’s mom, I’d tear that ass up.”

Diddy and his back-up girl group, Dirty Money, were also the musical guests. Eurweb.com

Quickie skit:

Full skit:

Diddy & Dirty Money Perform On SNL [VIDEO]

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