Summer Time Is ALmost Here, Cedar Point Is Storm Ready Just in case

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    Cedar Point has been deemed “StormReady” by the National Weather Service, and is the first amusement park in the state the earn the credential.

    The NWS StormReady program aims to help local communities, government, University and commercial sites prepare for severe weather by strengthening safety programs. Communication, education and awareness are the hallmarks of a StormReady site.

    There are six categories that must be satisfied:

    1) Establish a 24-hour emergency operations center and maintain a 24-hour warning point, which relays severe weather information to the public.

    2) Have multiple ways to receive severe weather warnings, such as NOAA Weather Radio, commercial data reception, TV and/or radio broadcasts, and others.

    3) Be able to monitor the precipitation with radar data, and have the instruments to monitor local accumulations.

    4) Have a clear path for warning dissemination. That means deciding on a specific plan for alerting the public when severe weather is an issue.

    5) Educate employees and the public on severe weather and plans for safety.


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