Young Buck Evicted From Mansion, Headed to Jail in 2 Months!

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    young buck loses home

    Man…Young Buck can’t catch a break! Not only is he about to lose his home, but he’s heading to jail shortly after!

    The former G-Unit rapper has been evicted from his Tennessee crib, reports TMZ. Not only has the Cashville, Ten-a-key MC been booted from his crib (he was ordered to clear out on May 16th), but he still owes Uncle Sam $300K in unpaid taxes. It turns out Buck losing his mansion is part of his ongoing bankruptcy proceedings.

    But it’s not like Buck would have been staying at his now ex-home much in the coming month. A couple of days ago (see video below), the “Let Me In” rapper revealed that he would be heading back to jail for about two months. Although he didn’t explain why he was going to the bing, a safe bet it has to do with the gun the feds found in his house during a raid back in 2010.

    Back in March 2012, a vehicle Young Back was travelling in was shot at 11 times during a suspected drive by.

    I’m lilD, and that’s the Word Eye Heard. For some strange reason, I don’t think Buck really had them thangs for ten a key.

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    Young Buck’s Music To Be Auctioned Off Next Month

    Young Buck Shot At 11 Times In Drive-By!

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