Meek Mill’s Ex Blasts Him For Cheating, Sends A Message To Women Who Deserve Better

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    Meek Mill’s Ex Sends A Message To Women Who Deserve Better

    Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 2.47.55 PMThe money and the fame doesn’t necessarily make life easier, especially if you’re a woman dating a rapper on the come up.

    When Meek Mill dropped his debut album Dreams & Nightmares just a year ago, his relationship with his girlfriend and son’s mother Fahimah began to fall apart.

    Yesterday, Fahimah took to her Instagram to dish on why she had to let the relationship go, while asking how women allow themselves to accept being #1 or #2 to a man.

    I walked away from a rich n—a bcuz I wasn’t satisfied with being #1. Cuz the side chicks and groupies was getting the same treatment as me! Everybody called me dumb and stupid for leaving even my friends and family but a year later I’m happy as ever and I got my self respect from HIM! But most ppl will stay and fake happiness bcuz they think they #1. #YeahIJusGaveYallALilBit lol

    As a woman how could u accept yaself as #1 or #2 to a man! It’s no difference in who come first or who was there first bcuz the reality is u both getting played! N—as do the same stuff wit u as he doing with the next chick. What about being the only one? That’s called self respect! That’s why n—as do what they wana do now bcuz chicks are so content with being #1.

    A lot of women stay.

    via: Necole Bitchie


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