Migos Involved in Party Bus Shootout

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migos shooting

Early this morning, on their way to Miami, someone pulled up next to the Migos’ party bus and opened fire. One of the “Versace” rappers was hit in the leg.

Via MiamiNewTimes:

Details are still sketchy about exactly what went down, but what’s clear is that the Migos were hit around 3:30 a.m. by a shooter in a car that pulled alongside them. Someone in the party van fired back during the highway shootout.

“For whatever unknown reason, a vehicle drove up next to them and opened fire,” Florida Highway Patrol spokesman Joe Sanchez tells NBC6. “There was an exchange of gunfire between both vehicles. The other vehicle fled and one of the passengers was struck by a bullet.”

The van, parked in the ER lane at Jackson, was peppered with holes from the gunfire. “We’re lucky that only one person was shot,” Sanchez says.

Migos member Offset hinted that retaliation may be coming:

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