Want To Be Happier? Buy Less Of That & More Of This

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    A happy family sitting in a park

    Many, many, many Americans have a very special relationship with spending money on material things. We need to own certain types of tech gadgets, a certain type of car, certain types of designer clothes, and a certain type of home in a certain type of neighborhood.

    Why? We, essentially, link who we are with what we own. And we’re convinced that owning great and greater things will make us happier.

    Interestingly, in one study, nearly two-thirds of people  in the $75,000+ household income category said they’d need an increase of 50 to 100 percent in their annual incomes to reach satisfaction, while fewer than 20 percent of those making $30,000 or less said they would need that much.

    But, in another study, it was found that most of us can hardly even make room for all that stuff we’re buying.

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