Can Drake Really Sing? Drake Covers ‘Say My Name’ Destiny’s Child

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You tell me, Drake came out to Cleveland for the Ohio Homecoming 2011 and sand a few songs for us. He performed many of his hit songs including his recent single ‘Marvin’s Room’ and his Rihanna duet ‘What’s My Name?’ At the end he covers Destiny’s Child ‘Say My Name.’

Is Drake a better singer than he is a rapper? You tell us, give a look at the video below.

Watch more video of the full Ohio Homecoming 2011 – Drake concert Click Here



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8 thoughts on “Can Drake Really Sing? Drake Covers ‘Say My Name’ Destiny’s Child

  1. Quite a strange collection of songs for an allegedly straight man! I know gays usually love to do songs by women who they would love to look like! When you ask gays who their favorites singers are, the first five are women! Mind control made people accept this flake Drake. Years ago, his name alone would not work.

  2. You should probably kill yourself because you are a tactless idiot. However, I suspect that you actually have a chemical imbalance and it’s not really your fault you are dumb and crazy.

  3. He’s the only artist I could listen to sing or rap and not really have a preference for one over the other. He’s talented at both. I like the vulnerability he displays thru his lyrics. Some call him soft…… they’re opinion. Vulnerability is actually sexy to a certain extent

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