Jay-Z Named MTV's 6th Hottest MC In The Game

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Arguably the best MC of all-time, it’s hard to imagine five other rappers topping Hov in 2011. Watch the Throne was an album like Hip-Hop has never seen before and probably never will again. It was one of the first albums that didn’t leak before its official release and trended track-by-track on Twitter. The album evolved into an event in itself, only to transcend into a tour unlike anything we’ve ever seen.

While many can see how influential Kanye West was with the Throne’s project, it was a collaborative album. It seems like Jay is being slighted for essentially passing the torch to Ye. Regardless of Jay taking a backseat to Kanye West, their accomplishments as a team were unbelievable. The album showcased an incredible body of work and has inspired several collaborative efforts. In fact, Dave Chapelle and Chris Rock are discussing a Watch The Throne type of comedy tour simply based on what the two ROC representatives were able to do.

This sounds more like a ploy to get the viewers to tune in on the 19th, than it does as a permanent selection. With only five slots remaining, Rick Ross, Kanye West and Drake are all locks for the top five, which means this spot is going to be temporary for the Blueprint rapper. Lil Wayne will probably make the list next, but will ultimately be replaced by Hov, which probably won’t sit well with the Young Money general.

The top five ‘Hottest MC’s in the Game’ will air Sunday, February 19th at 10:30 pm.

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