Master P on Whitney Houston: Where Were They When She Was Alive?

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master pMaster P has a few questions for those who have been coming out of nowhere with the love and admiration for Whitney Houston, and he makes some very valid points. Check out his editorial below:

We come from nothing. Nobody is perfect. But once you become a star, they never truly recognize you until you are dead. Whitney Houston had an amazing funeral. What a supporting cast of stars, politicians, community leaders, and business execs that attended and shared their love. But where were they when she was alive?

I’m asking the world some questions, and I just want you to think about what I’m saying. Maybe some of you asked the same questions.

  • If Whitney was alive and had a birthday on February 18, 2012 instead of a funeral, how many celebrities would have showed up?
  • Do you think Kevin Costner would have made time and said half of the nice things he said while Whitney was alive?
  • With all of the money Whitney made for Arista Records, if she asked for some financial assistance to help put Bobby Kristina through college, do you think they would have helped her?
  • With everything Whitney had been through and overcome, if she wanted to do a program to help girls, what TV stations would have aired it as quickly as they aired her funeral?
  • Now they call Whitney a Legend, the Greatest, the Voice. How many told her that while she was alive?
  • If Whitney were alive, how many of us would be waiting to see and support the upcoming movie, Sparkle?
  • If Whitney were alive, would the Grammy’s have paid the same attention to her?
  • Radio stations are playing Whitney’s music, her videos are in rotation, people are buying her albums, but who are the ones truly benefiting from it now?
Some say Clive Davis was her best friend. Just for the record, I’ve been in the music business for over 20 years. You are never friends with the people who are cutting your checks, because they’re always trying to figure out how to not pay you or pay you at the last minute.
We should give people flowers while they’re alive. They can’t do anything with them when they’re gone.

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6 thoughts on “Master P on Whitney Houston: Where Were They When She Was Alive?

  1. I agree with everything Master P said…honestly I didn’t watch the funeral cuz I knew that it would be more of a star studded event than a homegoing celebration…no one was there when she needed them and while she was alive…yet when she is no longer here and can’t see or smell her flowers, everyone wants to put on their Sunday best and talk about how she was the greatest voice or person ever…now that she is gone and buried, will someone help or lookout for her mother and daughter??? Will anyone help them??? Did anyone help Whitney before she left this life? To show up at a funeral and you haven’t reached out a hand before is a slap in Whitney’s face as well as her family…I would have had a private service and kept it moving…disgusted and smh

  2. make em say uuuuungh! My eyes were rolling up in my head during the funeral listening to Clive Davis. I looooved whitney houston, uh huh…. read her albums cd very closely, see where all the money goes, was she well off, yes , but she received crumbs in comparison to the money she created being herself.

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