WATCH: Jaden Smith – “Give It To ‘Em” [VIDEO]

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After taking Hollywood by storm, Jaden Smith is moving in on his sister’s territory. The Karate Kid released a video for his song “Give It To ‘Em.” 

Jaden Smith’s song is about the perils of living a life under the scrutinizing eye of the public. He spits bars like, “All these people are crazy/This room is getting so crowded/it’s just because we are famous and you don’t know nothin’ about it.”

There’s no word saying Jaden is making an album, but he did perform with Justin Bieber at last year’s Grammys. With this video coming out, we’re certain a music career isn’t too far in the future. First, Jaden must promote his film starring him and his father Will Smith called After Earth. After Earth is a science fiction thrill ride directed by M. Night Shyamalan.

Do you think Jaden Smith has a career in music? Would you pick up his album for your children? How long will it take before Jaden Smith and Diggy Simmons either join forces or start a rap beef? Sound off in the comments.


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