Joe Budden and Tahiry Joining ‘Love and Hip Hop’

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The ratchetness of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta is taking a break, and back in New York, things are about to kick off. While several members have left, Joe Budden, his ex-boo Tahiry, and his current girlfriend Kaitlyn are joining the crew!

Jim Jones and Chrissy have left the show for “Chrissy and Mr. Jones,” and Fabolous’ girlfriend (sometimes) Emily B has also announced she won’t be back. She’s been on a couple episodes of Jim and Chrissy’s show. So who’s going to fill the void?

Welp, rumor has it that Joe Budden and his ex-girlfriend, model Tahiry will be joining the cast. Budden is known for wearing his heart on his sleeve (and in his music), and Tahiry…gets around.

Joe Budden also has a connection with cast member Somaya Reece, who was his rebound chick after he and Tahiry broke up. Tahiry and Somaya had an infamous Twitter battle exposing each other’s DMs, and basically fighting over Budden. Tahiry also used to date Fabolous back in the day, and there were rumors that she and 50 Cent were also a short-lived item, so this could get pretty interesting.

Woo, that’s too much already!

I’m lilD, and that’s the Word Eye Heard. These heauxs ain’t got no manners.

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