Rihanna Feat. Chris Brown – Nobody’s Business [LEAK]

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One of the most-anticipated tracks from Rihanna‘s upcoming seventh studio album Unapologetic is her Chris Brown collaboration “Nobody’s Business,” her teaming up with her ex yet again (following last year’s “Birthday Cake” remix). Now, the track has leaked in full, and it’s reminiscent of Michael Jackson-referencing tune with a bouncy, ’80s-lite beat.

Aside from the fact that the song should have been titled “Nobody’s Bidness,” lyrics about Rihanna making out in Brown’s Lexus, considering the most infamous incident that occurred when the two were in a car together, are likely to raise eyebrows — but then, that’s probably the point. Whatever your feelings on Rihanna and Brown working together, the track will definitely get attention. Listen below.

LISTEN: Rihanna & Chris Brown — “Nobody’s Business”

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