Mike Epps Involved In Nightclub Brawl

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mike-epps-club-brawlCelebrities getting into fights at clubs has become quite the trend since the infamous Chris Brown and Drake bottle bashing. Another celebrity adding his name to the nightclub brawl list is comedian Mike Epps. Epps was involved in a club fight where a gun was fired.

Mike Epps was celebrating his birthday at Tru Nightclub with a group of his friends when things went haywire just after midnight. From what police could ascertain, a fight broke out in the club between members of Epps’ crew and other random club patrons. Things remained verbal until someone pulled out a gun and fired a warning shot.

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According to various reports, when shots rang out, everyone scattered toward the exits. Mike Epps ran for the door as well. thankfully, nobody reported any injuries from the incident.

An investigation is currently underway. Police are looking to speak with Mike Epps to get his account of events leading up to the actual gun being pulled and fired.

TMZ shot footage of Mike arriving to party minutes before the shooting — and he told us his birthday wish … a “big booty woman.”


Originally seen on http://theurbandaily.com/



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