Hold On…Justin Bieber is Sippin on That Sizzurp Now???

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Lil Justin Bieber is doing the most! According to reports, photos of him sipping syrup with the homies have surfaced.

TMZ has reportedly seen the pictures. They say the flicks show Bieber, Lil Twist, and Lil Za sitting at a table rolling up blunts.

Okay, we knew he smoked weed. But here’s where it gets interesting….

Also at the table were 2 sets of double cups. If you know anything about lean, aka syrup, you know that a good way to spot it is doubled-up styrofoam cups. In one of the pics, Bieber is seen drinking out of the cups.

His reps deny he sips syrup. Of course they do.

Oh, if you’re wondering who Lil Za is, he’s a rapper from Texas – the home of syrup – who hangs with Lil Twist. So…he’s Lil Twist’s homeboy…or something…?

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Somebody tell Bieber that drugs are bad. And if you’re still going to do them, at least hire security that stops people from taking pictures of you doing it, since millions of little kids look up to you.


I’m lilD, and that’s the Word Eye Heard. He better chill before he starts looking like Vanilla Ice…

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