“Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That” Sweet Brown Gets A Makeover!

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Sweet Brown’s eye roll and gold tooth-peppered with colorful sound bites — was all it took to transform a witness-on-the-street interview into a sensational Hollywood career.

In other words, fame found Sweet Brown in 40 seconds, after her interview was remixed, replayed, memed, tweeted, Facebooked, Instagrammed, and made available in every nook and cranny on the Internet. She was the ultimate viral sensation.

When station KJRH told of Brown of her Web success the mother appeared shocked…“Are you serious?” Brown said. “Wow, that’s amazing. You think I could be a superstar?”

Several thousand YouTube plays later, Sweet Brown is cashing in on her infectious personality. Sweet Brown and her son shot a video with will. i. am; and she’s co-hosting “Cheaters.” She won the “Clip of the Year” award from “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”

She did make time to get a makeover…nice!

Sweet Brown has a cookbook, and a tee-shirt line, and did we mention the new role in the latest Tyler Perry movie?

via: BlackMeadiaScoop



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7 thoughts on ““Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That” Sweet Brown Gets A Makeover!

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