Celebrity Crime Files: BDP’s DJ Scott La Rock (Full Episode)

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scott la rock

One of the most tragic unsolved murders is that of Boogie Down Productions’ Scott “DJ Scott La Rock” Sterling. TV One’s latest episode of “Celebrity Crime Files” chronicled the story.

In the early 1980s, a former high school basketball star and young Bronx native named Scott Sterling had just graduated from college in Vermont. Scott was a social worker by day, but by night he was known as Scott La Rock- a club promoter who “would settle for nothing less than stardom.”

Along with KRS-One and D-Nice, La Rock became a founding member of Boogie Down Productions. Their 1987 debut album, Criminal Minded, is considered an all time classic hip-hop record.

But also by 1987, things would change. Scott would be killed just days before he would finally accomplish his dream of international stardom. Was La Rock the target or an unfortunate casualty? The crime remains unsolved to this day.

If you’re a true Hip Hop head, this will be both moving…and maybe a little hard to watch. Check out the full episode below:

via HipHopWired

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