Apollo Nida Kept Apologizing to Phaedra Parks (Watch)

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OH, baby! I’m sorry!!!

That was Apollo Nida apologizing to wife Phaedra Parks after his no-no mistake.

Nida was caught corresponding with another woman… Kenya Moore out of all people to much suspicion.

“I’ve apologized to Phaedra numerous times,” he said while on  “Bethenny”.

But Nida assisted the once private text messages between Moore and himself were NOT inappropriate at all. Well, at least not on his end.

But he did admit Moore has taken interest in him at some point. And explained it to his wife.

“Women don’t proposition. She didn’t just come up to me and say, ‘Hey, Apollo. Let’s f*ck.’ … You know when a man is pushing up on you, or you know when a female is basically open,” he said to his wife.

He later continued with, “my text messages weren’t sensual. They’re not sexual in any way.”

But Parks wasn’t having it — saying Moore broke the woman code.

“As a woman you know better than that,” Parks told Yolanda Sangweni of ESSENCE.com.

But the texts do seem to be harmless — very, “hey, how are you doing?” But the burning question has always been, “why text Parks sworn enemy?”

Moore had said the texting wasn’t sexual either and she wanted to put an end to the defamation.


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