Future Takes It To The 80’s With His New Song [LISTEN]

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When Rolling Stone visited Future in the Los Angeles studio where he was recording his long-awaited second album Honest, the rapper shared the track “Move That Dope.” As it played, he couldn’t help but talk about its retro feel.

“When I heard the beat, I was like, ‘Man, this sh*t sounds like something in the Eighties,'”

he says.

“That’s when I started doing push itahh-push it. . . . We got to relive the Eighties.”

What he ended up with was a propulsive, bass-heavy ode to dealing

“that white powder.”

Moreover, he ended up with a propulsive, bass-heavy track with guest appearances by Pharrell Williams and Pusha T. But before that happened, it started with the warbly beat producer Mike Will Made It brought him.

“Mike walked in the studio like, ‘I got this hard-ass beat, I got this hard-ass beat,'”

the rapper says.

“That [beat] is vintage at its finest. That’s that retro shit. That’s all that B-boy shit. That’s BK, British Knights. This is Levi’s – dirty shoes – this is that music.”




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