Eye Candy: Who Did It Best? Mario vs. Trey Songz

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If folks don’t start supporting our R&B artists and their music soon, EVERYBODY is gonna be naked!

And we are not complaining one bit!

Last week, Trey Songz had his fans all hot and bothered after he posted a pic of him shirtless rocking his new Calvin Klein boxers, and now Mario has jumped on the boxer-brief selfie bandwagon.

In some sort of unofficial R&B boxer face-off, Mario posted a pic of himself in his undies over the weekend with the caption:

Ladies only | I had a dream that I would play in the next spartan movie so I woke up like this | God.

Mario laid a thirst trap, and the women came a running!

Meanwhile, here’s a little tea on Trey Songz’s boxer photo: Although some folks thought that Trey was acting a little thirsty when he came out of the blue and posted up two selfies wearing Calvin Klein boxers, he did not post those photos for free or solely for attention.  His photos are a part of Calvin Klein’s new #MyCalvins global social media campaign.  In an effort to promote CK’s new Dual Tone underwear, the brand has enlisted over 100 style influencers to post sexy selfies of themselves with the hashtag #mycalvins to encourage the type of social engagement that beats out traditional advertising, and already it’s paying off.  According to Out:

The first few selfies posted have already generated over 1 million interactions, among a global audience of over 50 million users. Trey Songz who has a combined following of over 26 million fans on his official social media accounts, posted two photos that, in less than two hours, made the hashtag #mycalvins trend on Twitter across four continents. Which totally makes sense; I mean, look at him.


Read more at http://necolebitchie.com/2014/02/24/mario-snaps-a-pic-in-his-boxers-the-tea-on-trey-songz-underwear-selfies/#YG7YMJtbiE3Zxl10.99

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