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MGK and his daughter Casie

Last night MGK premiered his latest film project, the techno-thriller NERVE, at Shaker Square Cinemas. It was a private screening for family and friends, but that did not stop hundreds of fans from packing the theater and filling the parking lot Cleveland tailgaters style.

If the Flats are the heart of Cleveland, Shaker Square must be the lungs, breathing life and culture into this city since 1922.

1922 may also be the last time this theater had been renovated. The paint on the walls were chipping and the seats were creaky. The sole of our shoes made peeling noises every time we lifted them off of the sticky floor. But the crowd could not have been happier to be there. And we all knew exactly why he chose this venue.

Still with strong ties to the Cleveland suburb, MGK graduated from Shaker High in 2008.

In fact, when he addressed the crowd before the movie began, he shared a personal moment.

“My first job was next door at Dave’s Supermarket, so to be here for this now is really cool.”

This was a moment for MGK to reflect on the journey he has traveled over the years. Another huge milestone in his career for his family and friends in the industry to witness.

Two places, literally next door to each other. From bagging groceries to co-starring in a big budget film. That’s the American dream.

The few times I’ve met the Cleveland rapper and actor, he is always down to earth. Tonite was no different.

He moved through the crowds of people as one of us, drinking and laughing. Take away the sleeves of tattoos and punk rock dress code and you wouldn’t have known his latest album debuted at number one on the Billboard 200.

The funniest moment of the night came when the film reel starting rolling to begin the movie, and MGK shouts out, “Man! We shoulda took a picture!”

So the movie was stopped (you do what you want when you poppin’) for everyone to take a “usie”. Here it is.

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