Last weekend, Nike and Jordan Brand threw an ALL NBA WEEKEND in New York. And it CULMINATED with a Jay Z concert at NYC’s Radio City Music Hall.

Well spoke with an insider who was BACK STAGE – and with their OWN EYES witnessed DRAMA between LeBron James and Jay Z.

Here’s what popped off. During the concert most of the NBA players went backstage to watch Jigga perform. Before the concert they greeted Jay, and after the concert they congratulated him.

The insider told, “Jay Z walked over to every player and gave them dap and thanked them fr coming. But he PURPOSELY did not dap or even SPEAK to LeBron.” The insider continued, “LeBron looked really embarrassed and he left, I think he went home too because I didn’t see him at the afterparty.”

Well we’re TEAM JIGGA on this one. LeBron made a real B*TCH MOVE by not telling his boy what he was going to do.

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