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Yahoo recently posted an article advising successful women on how not to intimidate the men that they are dating. Although I think that they were attempting to give solid advice to women they were also harming them in the same way by telling them to dilute their successes and in a sense themselves; in order to prevent the man from running from the hills. This brings me to the following thought. Why should women try not to intimidate men with their success? Shouldn’t the guy step his game up?

In all fairness, I can see how it would be annoying for a woman to constantly brag about her accomplishments. Or feel that her accomplishments are the only thing that makes her as an individual. But this is a personality flaw that I would find equally annoying in a man as well. Other than calming down a braggadocios nature, I don’t think that a woman should have to resort to all types of tricks and maneuvers that lessens the appearance of her uniqueness, intelligence, success, and or love for her career in order to capture the attention of a man. In fact it should be expected of her to embrace it. Men do.

Strangely enough, men are not required to dumb down themselves in any way. They are expected to be egotistical, proud, demanding of respect, hardworking, success driven individuals. In fact, the more a man displays these qualities the more attractive he is to women. The more of a commodity he becomes.

While the opposite can be said of women. When we exhibit those same qualities, we are thought of as bitches, bossy, overly aggressive, and told that our career should not be a priority rather a backup plan. You know in case that prince charming doesn’t come along and sweep us off our feet. Guess we should settle for a brief case instead of a baby stroller. When we exhibit those behaviors it can also be a turn off for some men who become fearful when they do not immediately see any major flaws in a woman. It also can be a turn off if she appears to be too strong mentally. For some men, this strength equates to her needing him less. That makes those that are weak afraid. Very afraid.

I have found that with most women it is not a black and white situation. They not only want the successful career but the husband as well. They also want to be mothers. Why shouldn’t they expect to have it both? Who made the condition that a woman can only have one or the other while all the opportunities for both are available to men?

I know that I have made a lot of observations and gave a lot of opinions in this piece. Some opinions that might upset some fellas. If this does not apply to you then you should have no reason to be offended. Ladies, is there any truth to my assessment? Should we just accept this as life and it being just the way things are between men and women and in society in general? Speak your piece. Source:

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