Apparently Lala Vazquez and Kim Kardashian are trying to clear up some Twitter mess started by Tyrese! According to Necolebitchie and, Tyrese is claiming Kim isn’t supporting LaLa’s new reality show.

Check out his Tweets:

I know she’s got her own shows and agendas but how about throwing some of those tweet’s to support @LaLa show @KimKardashian any Support?

She’s got waaaaaaay more followers..not tryna start no public shit..I’m just saying La is ur girl right?? Support her too dammit!!

There’s a saying..Fair exchange no robbery.. No one should give everything of themselves to get NOTHING in return..Love comes back!!

They have shows that come on at the same time.. I know.. But @LaLa is ride or die for her friends she deserves it back..

I’m done with this topic… I’m not hard to find… other than that if random celebs are tweeting who don’t consider @Lala a BFF u shld too

Check out what Kim Kardashian blogged about last week:

I’ve been seeing a lot of tweets saying I’m not supportive of Lala because I didn’t tweet about her show, even though I blogged! But I want to let you guys know that I am 100% supportive of my friends, and they know that, but since I have my own show on at the same time on a different network I am contractually obligated to promote that via my Twitter. I can’t tweet about her show, just like she can’t tweet about mine, but we completely support each other. Lala is one of my closest friends, I was a part of her bridal party at her wedding and threw her her bachelorette party, which you will see on her show! I support her in everything she does, both personally and professionally.

Love u La! I guess two best friends having two different shows at the same time is a great problem to have!

Lala also explained Tyrese’s outburst on a recent interview with WJLB’s Morning Show. When she asked how she felt about what he had to say about Kim Kardashian not supporting her show, she responded:

“Ive known him since I was 16 years old sometimes he reacted without knowing the facts. And fact of the matter is Kim has a show on at the same time as mine. E would have a cow if she was twitteing about my show when she has a show going on. Just think about how ridiculous that would be. ‘everybody watch lalas show’ hut don’t u have a show on at the same time? Kims featured on my show in 2 episodes and shes been completely supportive and I just think (Ty)rese didn’t know that and once it was explained he was like ‘aw I get it now.’ But he didnt realize it would cause this whole frenzy that it did. But in know way have I ever questioned our friendship. This girl goes hardcore when it comes to being a true friend.”


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