Waka Flocka took a lot of heat for an appearance on 106 & Park where the “No Hands” rapper said he wanted to go back to school to study geometry, a subject taught in elementary schools nationwide.  However, in an interview with MTV News, Waka says he’s just playing dumb.

Waka also talks about how 2Pac’s Makaveli album introduced him to the work of Italian philosopher, Niccolò Machiavelli, who Waka claims to have read a lot about.  We kinda doubt that Waka’s read any of it.  We aren’t even certain Waka can read.

“We don’t believe you!  You need more people!” – Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter

If Waka really is playing dumb, it really bothers us that A) he feels the need to do that, B) that he’s ridiculously successful because of it while people who have something of substance to say struggle in the music business, and C) that he’s playing the entire country like this.

While there have always been Waka Flockas in the music business, at least there were Mos Def’s around to balance it out, but judging by what comes over the airwaves and what we see on television, that balance is absolutely gone.

The terrorists have won.

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