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The is reporting that the 21st rescued Chilean miner, 50-year-old Yonni Barrios was met at the top not by his wife who has stood by him at Camp Esperanza holding out hope for the last 2 months, but he was met by his mistress.

When the miners were told to send to the top the 3 people they wanted to greet them once they arose to the surface in “The Phoenix” capsule, Yonni said he wanted his wife of 28 years, 58-year-old Marta (on left)…and his mistress of a few years Susanna (on right) to be there, meet up, and “be friends”. *eyebrow raised*

Marta found out about Susanna when Susanna popped up at a vigil the families were holding at the mine site Esperanza–and Susana was in the background wilin’ out crying out Yonni’s name.  Marta soon discovered homegirl was Yonni’s mistress.  I mean, could you imagine hearing another random woman yelling out for your man at his VIGIL?!


Apparently, Yonni previously told Susanna he was going to leave his wife, and even instructed the aid workers on the ground to only deal with his mistress.  WOW.

Marta said she would not be attending Yonni’s rescue, but she was happy he’s safe:

He asked me to come, but it turns out he also invited the other woman and I have decency,” Salinas said before the rescue, according to ABC News. “This is very clear: It’s her or me.

“I’m happy because he was saved. It’s a miracle from God. But I won’t attend the rescue.”

So in Yonni’s arms yesterday was Susanna, not Marta.  Rescue workers said Yonni seemed unfazed by the drama.  I guess 69 days of staring death in the face will make you not give a damn about certain things.  This is MUCH.

And Yonni’s not the only one with lovers and jumpoffs at the site.  Reportedly, 5 other miners had their lovers there, and fighting and arguing went down (off camera of course) about who had a right to be there and a right to any of the fame/riches that came with this rescue. 

But not all was tomfoolery at the top–1 miner finally got to meet his baby girl who was born right before his rescue.  Another met his fiance he proposed to while in the mine.  And another got a marriage proposal from his girlfriend–after she turned him down weeks before.  Sweet!  Thank God everyone is safe and sound with no major physical injuries.