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Now this is some isssshhh! Mediatakeout is reporting some real mess between Diddy and his ex Kim Porter and I can believe him being a little jealous…but threats of bodily harm though come on son!

For years, Diddy has basicly been keeping Kim as a KEPT WOMAN. He pays all her bills and gives her EXTRA child support. In return, he expect her to look the other way with his jumpoffs – and not be romantically involved with any other man.

According to our insider, Kim has generally AGREED to this arrangement – but recently she began seeing actor Jackie Long (from the movie ATL).

Well learned that Diddy FOUND OUT about Jackie and Kim and he THREATENED Jackie. Specifically, Diddy told him that he was going to “erase him” from the earth and that he will have him “killed.”

Jackie, tells our snitch, is considering filing a harassment complaint against Diddy with the LAPD.

And this isn’t the first time that Kim SLIPPED UP and nearly got a dude KILLED. The first time was with deceased record executive Shakir Stewart. A well placed insider explained, “Kim was seeing Shakir and Diddy found out and he went apesh*t. He tracked Shakir down to his hotel. Then Diddy went up there (without security) and beat him to a bloody pulp. Don’t let the shiny suits and curls fool you. Diddy will f*ck a [N WORD] up.”