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Drugs are powerful, man. To the point this dude was willing to put his two-month old’s life in danger.

The 2-month-old boy, Tredon, escaped with a broken arm after cops subdued his naked father, 26-year-old Trevor Mann, cops said.

The drama started at 11:23 p.m. when an off-duty cop saw the hulking Mann run a red light at a Flatbush, Brooklyn, intersection and smash his Nissan car into a van.

Mann fled on foot, and the quick-thinking officer discreetly followed him for about six blocks, a source said. Mann finally entered his Brooklyn Ave. home during a family gathering.

Five relatives, including the baby’s mother, poured out of the house, telling the cop that Mann was raving inside with the boy, police said. More uniformed officers soon arrived and called Emergency Service Units.

The 6-foot, 300-pound Mann, pacing between the home and front stoop, threatened to harm the infant if cops didn’t leave. At one point, the deranged father came out holding the baby – both of them naked.

Cops watched through the window as Mann broke off part of a Christmas tree and ignited it.

“He holds the baby in one hand and swings the Christmas tree that’s on fire,” a source said.

That’s when cops entered the house through the rear door and front window.

“The baby’s screaming, a struggle ensues,” said the source.

“I saw the commotion,” said neighbor Cherifia Townsend, 30, who watched the events unfold from her window. “I smelled smoke. I saw him run out of the house.”

Police managed to free the baby, who suffered a broken left arm and lacerations, and rushed him to the hospital. Two officers were treated for injuries.

Mann was taken to the psych ward of Kings County Hospital. He faces a litany of charges, including felony assault, arson, assaulting an officer and resisting arrest.

At least his mama loves him. That’s gotta help eventually, right?

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