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UPDATE: The tumultuous career of Foxy Brown continues, as the Brooklyn rap star has denied statements released to by representatives she has labeled as “former” managers.

Bernadette Brennan served as Foxy Brown’s manager when she was arrested for allegedly arguing her Brooklyn neighbor in July, according to statements Brennan made to a variety of outlets at the time, including

Last night (December 30th,) Brennan claimed producer Daddy Bigg$, rapper Rekage and Foxy Brown were planning on releasing a new single titled “U Aint Ruff Enough,” on New Year’s Day.

According to Brennan, the track was in replacement of a supposed diss record to Lil Kim titled “Christmas Massacre,” which never materialized.

Foxy Brown went into a rage at the statements made to by Brennan, who has not responded to a request for comment as of press time.

According to Foxy, she is not dropping a single titled “You Aint Ruff Enough” on January 1st, after all.

“If yall dont hear it from a MARCHAND (Inga, Gavin or Anton) its bulls**t!,” an enraged Foxy Brown tweeted earlier this morning (December 31st). “NO…I am NOT droppin’ a single called “rough whatever” Jan 1st or never!!”

“Since yall ni**as wanna lie to the streets, disrespect my fans and post f**krie….I’m addressing it all tonite baby,” Foxy fumed.

According to Foxy Brown, she is still managed by her brothers Gavin and Anton Marchand.

Additionally, Foxy hinted that any possible material that might be released will be done so, without her consent.

“Everybody quoted in that fraudulent article will be hit wit a lawsuit immediately,” Foxy Brown tweeted. “What ‘label’ are they talking about?…If ANY of my lyrics are on ANY song they were STOLEN without my consent.”

“Lastly, I dont appreciate my fans being lied to. Nothing in that story was truth. Stealing a multi-plat artists lyrics w/o my consent…is not only an incredible lawsuit but a disrespect to my craft, my legacy and my fans,” Foxy Brown continued. “If MARY J or LAURYN HILL recorded a session in a studio while creating their album and decided to go with a hotter joint, who the f**k gives anyone in that studio the audacity to experiment wit a seasoned artists music?? And throw ur unknown artist on MY song without my consent, on some secret society s**t then w/o FOX hearing or approving anything, these bastards “Biggz I trusted u” had the f**kin’ nerve to put a fake press release out lying!”



Foxy Brown will drop a new single that was supposed to be released on Christmas Eve, although her label has decided to rethink the choice of material.

Foxy was supposed to drop  “Christmas Massacre” on December 24th, but she decided to change her vibe, after she received news that a very close friend and family member passed away.

Now, the Brooklyn rapper has teamed with Daddy Bigg$, CEO of Platinum Camp, Bernadette Brennan Management and Nightlife Productions to drop a new single titled “U Aint Ruff Enough” on New Year’s Day.

“Diss records create only media hype and Youtube spins, but releasing a hit single will pay the bills,” Platinum Camp CEO Daddy Bigg$ told

According to Foxy’s manager Bernadette Brennan, the new single “U Aint Ruff Enough” also features rising rapper Rekage, who hails from Manhattan’s Lower East Side.

Foxy Brown’s new single “U Aint Ruff Enough” will be available for purchase via iTunes on New Year’s Day.

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