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Directed by Hiro, the video follows Lupe as he prepares to take the stage — a looooong journey that takes him from his dressing room through a CGI hallway and a high-altitude trip over city lights. Hiro cuts repeatedly to shots of an audience joyously awaiting Lupe’s arrival — and after the real-life fan rally that helped call attention to Lupe’s battle with his label, it’s not hard to imagine crowds like that greeting him on tour.

It’s a relatively simple clip, but as with “I’m Beaming”, Lupe does a lot with a little. Here’s hoping he keeps Lasers pointed in the right direction from here on out.

The single ‘The Show Goes On’ is in stores and iTunes now and the full album drops March 8th… long awaited. Details at

All things considered, Lupe Fiasco probably coudn’t have picked a better time to drop the video for “The Show Goes On”, the triumphant first single from his Lasers album. If Christmas is all about coming together, charity, goodwill etc., then it’s the perfect day to really show that the bitter fight over this album is finally in the past, and that it’s time to kick/push ahead. Check out the battle details in this exclusive interview.

Lupe Fiasco: At War with Lasers from Ruby Hornet on Vimeo.

The Show Goes On is in stores and iTunes now and the full album drop March 8th… long awaited.

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