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Bronx Beautician Busted For Peddling Bogus Butt Shots Sealed With Krazy Glue

An unlicensed Bronx beautician has been arrested for peddling bogus butt injections and sealing her patients’ wounds with Krazy glue.

Butt shots and breast augmentations are all the rage in the black community now that the prices are so affordable and anyone with a kitchen table can administer the silicone and hydrogel injections.

The demand for butt shots is so great (and so profitable at $300-$3,000 a pop) that more and more black-market clinicians are setting up shop in their kitchens to administer the shots.

But according to the Feds, the administration of silicone and hydrogel injections by unlicensed personnel is still illegal outside of a clinical setting.

Unfortunately, women who desire to quickly pump up their assets are dying from nasty infections at an alarming rate as a result of the illegal procedures performed in unsterile environments. That’s why law enforcement has started cracking down on the illegal activity.

Expect to see more arrests as police in every state begin to crack down on illegal butt shot parlors and their customers.

From Splash News:

A Bronx beautician with zero medical training turned her Mt. Eden apartment into a silicone back alley, risking clients’ lives with black-market boob and butt jobs at $1,000 a pop, the FBI charged yesterday. Whalesca Castillo, 36, made clients lie on a massage table for dangerous injections of liquid silicone that she had shipped in from the Dominican Republic, according to a criminal complaint filed in Manhattan federal court. Then she’d seal up the wounds with Krazy Glue. Released on $100,000 bond yesterday, Castillo, who’s eight months pregnant, faces up to three years in prison on charges she distributed the silicone, officials said.

There are a lot of desperate Frankensteins walking around with half baked cakes. How thirsty for attention does one have to be to let someone seal their azz with Krazy glue? WTF.


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