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Okay ladies, time to get excited because Spring is almost here, and if you’re anything like me, you’ve been indulging on tons of unhealthy, and fattening foods all winter, and definitely been slacking on your workout. Face it, we ALL get the case of the winter blahs. But now that Spring is right around the corner, its time to get back in shape and get our bodies bikini ready just in time for the Spring Break season and those lovely Summer months.

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Again, if you’re like me, you set a workout or diet goal, stick to it for a few days, and then go back to your normal routine. Well here are some workout tips to help keep us on track, and get us that banging Beyonce body that we’ve been trying to achieve for the past few months.

1. Be consistent

2. Follow an effective exercise routine (strength training, interval training and cardiac training)

3. Set realistic goals, don’t strive for perfection, instead focus on building a healthy lifestyle.

4. Use the buddy system- encourage each other, work out together!

5. Make your plan fit your life- if you can’t get to the gym, work out from home!

6.  Be Happy!

7. Watch your body clock- try and work out at the time when you have the most energy

8. Call in the pros- get a trainer especially if you’re just getting started!

9.  Get Inspired! “Fitness is a state of mind”

10. Be Patient!

For the complete and detailed list of work out tips, click here!

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