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NeNe Leakes’ Husband, Gregg, Filing for Divorce; Says He Wants His $300,000 Back Plus Alimony

“Real Housewives of Atlanta’s” Gregg Leakes is filing papers against his estranged wife and fan favorite NeNe Leakes, saying that she owes him hundreds of thousands of dollars and alimony, to boot.

Gregg Leakes charged into his soon-to-be ex-wife in a radio interview with LargeFM, claiming that Nene has gotten brand new since she came into fame — including her cosmetically sculpted nose — and has become a person he doesn’t recognize. Gregg said she would be nowhere and nobody without him.

“I spent $300,000 cash on season one,” he said of the first season of “Real Housewives,” as if he still can’t believe he forked out that many thick stacks. “I spent $300,000 of my own money,” he said again slowly and with disgust, as if the words actually tasted bad coming out of his mouth. “I wanted to make sure that she jumped off in that show. We knew that if they made that show around her, you have got to blow up. I’m sucking everything I can into her. And she went and did her job. She blew up.”

But Gregg said drama and tension began popping off at the house on the regular when as her celebrity grew, NeNe’s head began swelling up like a bag of microwave popcorn. “And the thing [success] got to her head. And that’s when the problem[s] came,” Greg said.

The problem is when you get fame, and everywhere you go everybody knows your name, you begin to think, ‘Well, damn, I am large. I don’t need nobody. If I do need somebody, I need a millionaire,’” Gregg said. “See, all that s— come into the picture, man.”

“[NeNe] wouldn’t be nothing without that $300,000 and I want it back,” he spat. “I want every dime of it back.”

“I’ve been going through some things for many months now with this thing,” he said to LargeFM. When the radio host asked if he has proof of the $300,000 that he claims he spent on her, he merely replied: “I don’t need nothing [as far as proof]. Georgia is a community state. All I got to do is say it and she has to disprove it.”

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