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It sucks to be Halle Berry.

Most of us were first introduced to Halle as the junkie girlfriend in Spike Lee’s Jungle Fever (or Halle’s one and only turn as a video vixen in R. Kelly’s ‘Honey Love’). The attraction was instant. By the time 1992’s Boomerang hit theaters, Berry was the new brown skin ‘It’ girl. But it was her portrayal as the title character in Alex Haley’s Queen that would solidify her cross over appeal. People Magazine hailed her as one of the 50 most beautiful in the world, she became a red carpet mainstay and landed on the wish list of just about every heterosexual male in the free world.

Meanwhile, amidst the rise to fame, in 1993 Berry met and married baseball player David Justice, whom she’d divorce three years later citing Justice’s infidelity. Four years later Halle would begin dating R&B singer Eric Benet, whom she’d later marry and then divorce, following the admission of his many infidelities.

So what’s with all these dudes cheating on Halle Berry? We’ll get back to that in a second.

In the meantime, Halle began dating model Gabriel Aubry, with whom she now shares a daughter. But despite best efforts – Halle & Gabriel could not make it work and have since split. But is anyone surprised?

Halle Berry is what I like to call, The Beautiful Concept. She’s an idea, which bodes well for her professional life, appealing to casting directors because of what she can represent. But being a ‘concept’ isn’t really great for your personal life. And Halle Berry is the perfect example of being a prisoner of her own persona.

The reason it’s SO hard for Halle Berry to find love, is because she’s Halle Berry.

99% of the world’s male population would have no interest in Maria Berry on paper. She is a 44 year-old single mother, who has been upfront about her self esteem issues, her race and identity issues, she’s diabetic, she’s been in more than one abusive relationship (resulting in loss of hearing in her left ear), she was born into an abusive home and has had no contact with her father since the age of four.

In fact, if she weren’t one of the most beautiful women on the planet, chances are Halle would not be considered a catch. But she’s not alone. Look at Janet Jackson, Jennifer Aniston, and even Kim Kardashian, all of whom are lusted after by many yet, historically unlucky in love. They’re concepts. Men fall for the idea of them, not who they really are.

This isn’t just a problem for the rich and famous. You ever notice that it’s usually the prettiest woman in the crew that has the most trouble keeping a man? Men are lured in by the beautiful presentation, only to be turned off by the truth underneath. My father once said ‘Being pretty isn’t a long term plan,’ and in the case of Halle, although her looks have helped her build a fortune (along with her acting chops), it’s also made it hard to find the right man. Is it impossible? No. However, Halle’s either going to have to find a different type of man or tone down the crazy. Until then, she’ll continue to defy the laws of aging and be the object of every man’s affection…even if just from a far.

Written By @JasFly

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