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Back in the day affairs were secrets.

People use to engage in their affairs at random hotels on the other side of town. They also used secret names and if you accidentally bumped into the person you were having an affair with you would pass by them like they were a mere stranger.

The other day, Rickey Smiley Morning Show and Gary with the Tea talked about an alleged altercation that Kevin Garnett’s wife Brandi and his mistress got into at one of his games. Evidently, his affair was not a secret to Brandi, because when she saw the mistress she knew exactly who she was. According to their gossip report, Kevin Garnett purchased season tickets for his mistress and while she was exiting through the “special” exits that a normal fan can’t use his wife and her bumped into each other. I’d like to add that a quick google search for “Kevin Garnett’s wife” returns images of both his wife and his alleged mistress.

If men are having open affairs nowadays, what is really the difference between the wife and mistress? I understand the wife gets the paperwork and the validation from God but after that day what does the wife get?

I read the Faith Evans book and she openly admitted Charlie Baltimore was Notorious B.I.G.’s girlfriend while she was still his wife. Charlie Baltimore was so ingrained in his life when Faith Evans went to his hospital room after his car accident, Faith said, “I’m his wife” and the nurse gave her a look of confusion. In the book Faith recounts that the nurse was probably confused because Charlie Baltimore had been there every day. Faith Evans’ wifey title didn’t play a real role until B.I.G. died. She was the person along with his mother to make the funeral arrangements and allocate where his belongings and royalties were disbursed. (Sidenote: Faith actually towed Charlie Baltimore’s Range Rover because it was in B.I.G.’s name and since he was deceased it belonged to Faith.)

The movie “Dreamgirls” had a similar situation. Lorrell dated Jimmy “Thunder” Early who actually was married. When I watched the movie I couldn’t help but want Lorrell and Jimmy to work out. Of course they didn’t and eventually she threw in the towel but before the movie ends he dies and his wife bans Lorrell from attending the funeral.

Is that what marriage has come to? Choosing a person that you want to oversee your funeral, allocate your assets and collect your insurance money when you die? I’ve always believed in the institution of marriage, but with VH1’s “Basketball Wives” star Evelyn Lozado telling Tami Roman that she was a “non-motherf***ing factor” when she slept with Tami’s husband Kenny Anderson while they were married, the titles “wife” and “mistress” seem frivolous when it comes to a cheating man. It seems as though the only difference is that one is confirmed by God and the state they live in.

Written by NatoyaEbony