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We already know day after day people in America are on their grind to become famous. What better way to do it than by being seen in your very own viral video? The only  problem is that sometimes these viral videos are not always done in good taste or on purpose.   Here is a recap of last week’s wild and crazy viral videos.

Short Dude With No Neck Teaches “How To Dougie”!– Look No Neck!

Hungry: Big Girl Has A Studio Workout Session! (Spittin With Heart)- Big Girl got flows as well.

Big Girl Does A Split On The Dance Floor!– Big Girls get low too.

SMH At Whoever Gave This Girl A Webcam: Damn Bitch My Feet Hurt! (Acapella)– Webcam’s are not for everyone.

Real-Life Avatar: Treehouse In The Jungle, Where A Family Lives Content & Happy With What They Have- Be grateful for what you have.

Caught On Tape: Cop Holds Man By The Throat & Drives His Face In The Floor!- You better get down or lay down.

Dormtainment Comedy: Twin Babies Having A Conversation (Jamaican Baby Voice Over Edition)

Just Why!? Mom Puts Jolly Ranchers In Girl’s Hair, Bully Teacher Takes A Pic & Posts On Facebook! (Teacher Facing Lawsuit)– SMH is all I can do to this one.

Madness: A Whole Block Comes Out To Brawl!– Sometime it just gets that real.

Mya Gets Exposed Gettin Finger Banged On Camera! (*Warning Explicit*)– You know celebrity Sex-Tapes are in.