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When fans hear the words “from the vault” in relation to one of their favorite artists the impulse is to turn up their noses, and with good reason. Historically, projects of unreleased material are usually filled with unfinished or unmixed outtakes that the artist didn’t want to use or were not up to the standard their fans were accustomed to. However, Hidden Beach CEO Steve McKeever insists this is not the case with an up-coming collection from Jill Scott, Just Before Dawn: Jill Scott From the Vault, Vol. 1. Despite reports of a lawsuit between his label and Scott he says the two sides came to a mutual and amicable agreement for her departure.

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“Every family has fights from time to time and the Hidden Beach family is no different. But if you’re family, you come back and figure something out. That’s what we did,” McKeever told Billboard. The R&B star is now signed to Warner Bros records and will be releasing her first album for them The Light Of The Sun this summer. “We are cheering the Warner Bros. record on, but also pleased to have worked jointly with Jill in selecting and compiling music from previous recording sessions that celebrate the greatness of her artistry.”

Just Before Dawn includes music from a stream of recording sessions that were intentionally held for future releases. The collection features production from Jazzy Jeff, James Poyser, Dre & Vidal and Scott. The deluxe version of Just Before Dawn will feature a DVD complete with nine music videos and three live performances, including her famed “And I Heard” performance at the House Of Blues in Los Angeles.

“Our agreement with Jill to open up the vault and share the treasures inside with her fans is a huge win for music lovers everywhere,” says McKeever. Fans who purchase the first single “Lovely Day” are treated to a mixtape of even more unreleased music. The album can be pre-ordered at

Below is a partial tracklisting of songs and producers on Just Before Dawn:

“The Light” – Dre & Vidal

“Wondering Why” – Anthony Bell

“Running Away” – Jill Scott Band

“Love to Love” – Alric and Boyd

“Dear Mr. & Mrs. Record Industry” – James Poyser

“I Don’t Know” – Carvin Haggins & Ivan Barias

“Holdin’ On” – Omari Shabazz

“Wake Up Baby” – Ronald “Pnut” Frost

“Comes To The Light” – Ronald “Pnut” Frost

“I’m Prettier” – Pete Kuzma

“And I Heard (Do You Understand)” – Jill Scott

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