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Singer Mariah Carey bares her belly, and everything else, on the latest cover of Life & Stylemagazine. The 42-year-old singer/actress posed topless as only her arm and hair covered her chest. Though many see the photo  a risque, it’s much more tame than Demi Moore

Vanity Fair or Claudia Schiffer’s Vogue head-to-toe covers.

Mariah speaks about baring it all for Life & Style, saying:

“I was feeling very vulnerable about taking pictures at all right now, but then I didn’t want to miss this opportunity to document this once-in-a-lifetime experience. My ultimate goal was to share this incredibly personal moment with my true fans.[…]The babies were kicking almost the entire time; it was unbelievable, especially the girl — clearly she’s a diva in training![…]We didn’t start shooting until 1:30 a.m. because I was in the hospital from the night before until the day of the shoot with contractions five minutes apart!”

The pregnancy also has given Mommy Mariah a new outlook on motherhood:

“Now I have so much respect for mothers everywhere, especially those who’ve had difficult pregnancies or given birth to multiples. We need to have Mother’s Day once a week!”

Recently, Mariah’s husband, Nick Cannon, revealed that the couple took nude pregnancy photos together that they intend on displaying in their home privately.

“My children are going to have to see these pictures… It’s a little weird.[…]When they get older and their friends come over… they will see the pictures and say, ‘Your daddy’s butt naked!’”

The magazine,along with Mariah’s full interview,  hits shelves this Friday, April 8.

Check out past celebrity nude pregnant covers below:

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