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This might just be a coincidence . . . but . . . remember earlier this week when we told you that TOP New York DJ Mister Cee was caught getting NECK from a TRANNEY in his car. Well yesterday his BEST FRIEND . . .another NY DJ Funkmaster Flex just got some bad news.

On his wife Monica’s blog, entitled Mommy’s Dirty Little Secret she posted the following:

After almost 18 years of friendship and marriage it is with great regret that I announce my husband Aston Taylor, also known as Funkmaster Flex, and I are separated. We have tremendous love and respect for each-other, and will continue to work on our professional projects together. Our top priority has and will always be our children!

I personally ask that the press keep in mind Flex is the celebrity, not myself or my children, please respect our privacy!

She later deleted the thread . .. so its not clear if they couple RECONCILED . . . or she just decided to keep her ISH PRIVATE!!!

To Be continued.


Earlier This Year Funkmaster Flex’ wife, Monica Joseph-Taylor Spoke On Spousal Abuse Incident (Feb. 2011)

Funkmaster Flex was recently arrested for allegedly assaulting his wife, Monica Joseph-Taylor. Monica has recently spoke out about the incident.

“We’re doing okay,” Monica Joseph-Taylor said Saturday outside the couple’s upscale home in Westchester. Asked for details about the Friday-morning marital fracas, she grinned and teased a News reporter. “You’d have to buy me dinner,” said Joseph-Taylor, dressed in a black leather jacket, dark jeans, knee-high tan boots and a leather print scarf. Flex and Joseph-Taylor wed in 2000 and have a 9-year-old daughter and 4-year-old son. Saturday, Joseph-Taylor requested privacy before driving off in her silver BMW coupe. “I would love everyone to respect the privacy of my family – for me and my children,” said Joseph-Taylor.

Funkmaster Flex also spoke out about the incident recently at an event where he was hosting. Flex said; Yes, we had words,” Flex said. “Yes, there was an argument. Yes, there was a phone broken. Yes, there were police called. “I love my fans, and I encourage all of them to work things out in their own marriages.”

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