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There’s no better way to get in touch with the streets than to go to the barber shop or the beauty salon. It’s the place where you can find real people talking about real subjects. I took a trip to Cleveland Heights and visited a barber shop and a beauty shop to get the opinion of local men and women on different subjects. It’s what I’m calling the barber shop/beauty shop topic or the Shop Topic.

This week’s Shop Topic is Jennifer Hudson’s Weight Loss: Was she better before or after shedding the pounds?

Keep reading to find out the Shop Topic answers…

I first went to Today’s Styles and Cuts on S. Taylor in Cleveland Heights. My friend DJ $crilla was getting edged up at the time and I thought I’d pay his barber shop a visit. The barbers Lamont (AKA “Twin”), Ernest, and Scott were great guys. They definitely had their opinions on all subjects ranging from sports to celebrity plastic surgery. These fellas aren’t afraid to speak their minds and that type of honesty is refreshing.

I asked them their opinion on the Shop Topic of the week and all the men agreed that they liked Jennifer Hudson BEFORE her weight loss transformation. It looks like the men at Today’s Style and Cuts prefer a full-figured woman. I somewhat had to agree. Although her new body is healthier, Jennifer Hudson was praised for being a plus-sized pop star. She showed the industry that you don’t have to be a size six to be successful.

After speaking with the guys for a little while, I wanted a second opinion. I went across the street to the Simply Chic Salon to see what the females had to say about the Shop Topic of the week.

The owner Juanita Taylor and the ladies in the salon at the time had a different opinion than the fellas. They all agreed that they like Jennifer Hudson’s body better NOW, after she went through the weight-loss transformation. I don’t know if women are more body-conscious or they appreciate a healthy woman, but I found it interesting that the women’s opinion differed from the men.

Mars vs. Venus is always going to be debatable. Men and women are always going to have different opinions. I guess it’s one of those things that makes the world go ’round.

In my opinion, Jennifer Hudson is on a better path. She broke into the industry as a full-figured woman. Her voice and talent are undeniable. She is a multiple award winning singer and actress and she has proven that you don’t have to be a skinny girl to be a successful in the industry. Now that she’s got the industry right where she wants them, she can have her body right where she wants it. I think her new figure is healthier and I hope it inspires more women to be conscious of their eating habits and personal health.

If you need to get edged up or styled, visit Today’s Styles and Cuts OR Simply Chic Salon.

Today’s Styles and Cuts

2172 S Taylor Rd

Cleveland Heights, OH

Simply Chic Salon

2177 S Taylor Rd

Cleveland Heights, OH

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