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I’ve heard of some pretty creative and unique marriage proposals in my day but I’ve never heard of one quite like this one. Earlier this month, a guy by the name of Matt Still sent his girlfriend off to the movies with her brother and somehow snuck in a movie trailer before the movie which shows him asking her father for permission to marry her. He then dashed off to the movies where she was sitting to propose and it was all caught on film. The couple uploaded the proposal to youtube earlier this week and has gained almost 10 million views and tons of press. In an interview with Star 94, Matt explains how it all went down:

“After our second date, she told me she felt like she was in a movie and I told her, “we are actually going to make the movies jealous” so that phrase became our relationship theme. The next day after that I woke up and said, “Mom I’m going to marry this girl” and I told her how I was going to propose and that’s exactly what I did. I made a movie trailer of me asking her father for permission to marry his daughter and I did it in a way that it doesn’t show our faces until the end. I actually had the movie played at our local movie theater and her brother took her to the movies (or atleast what she thought she was doing) and the Hangover 2 trailer plays and right after that my trailer comes on and when you watch the video it’s awesome. The guy that helped me with the video, he got her reaction..we had a hidden camera set up in front of her so that you can see her reaction as she’s watching the video.”

Watch the proposal below:

Matt revealed that it took a month to create the proposal which included 5-6 days of filming and editing. When asked how long after their second date did it take for him to propose he responded:

“We were hoping that that wouldn’t come up but we are firm believers of when you know you know so we’ve only been dating for five months. After 10 days of us dating, we both knew we were going to marry each other.”

He also explained that they didn’t think that their video would become so big

“The main reason we put it on youtube was because there were people that wanted to be at our proposal but couldn’t and I had to keep pushing it back. I made the video to show at our wedding and I’ve got some other videos leading up to that. I put it on youtube for people to see and I guess my friends shared it and their friends shared it and it’s blowing up.’

Ginny reveals that she had no idea what was going on

“I really didn’t know what was happening until I saw my dad’s face. I knew it was Matt’s voice and I saw their hands and knew it was them but I was turning that into anything but what it really was.”

This is just too cute!!! I almost want to gag…