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rihanna fires jay z

According to MediaTakeOut plans on dropping a bombshell. She’s firing  and RocNation as managers and launching a multi-million dollar lawsuit against her official RocNation manager, Jay Brown’s sister.

considered the move last April when she found “financial irregularities.”  also didn’t like that RocNation began unofficially managing Beyonce causing a conflict of interest. She felt Beyonce would always be the first to be considered for any endorsement deals. She also believed RocNation were constantly using her as a jumping off point for new artists. After a private chat with  in April,  promised to stay with his management.

However, after Beyonce announced her pregnancy,  has decided to go ahead with the split and file a multi-million dollar lawsuit. The lawsuit pertains to a house her manager sold her which she claims was a leaky piece of crap.

Wow. The drama in hip-hop has been really toned down. Before, you’d have East vs West gun fights and Suge Knight dangling Vanilla Ice off a balcony by his ankles. Now we have lawsuits. Apparently street cred is now determined by how many lawyers you have on retainer.


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