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Kanye West just can’t keep his legendary mouth shut. At the runway show for his début collection in Paris, Kanye went off on another one of his bizarre rants. This time he was explaining why everyone should “give him a chance”, though no one will want to buy his clothes if he doesn’t shut his mouth for five minutes!

The controversial and outspoken rapper was showing his clothing line at Paris Fashion Week because apparently he had been banned from London’s Fashion Week. Don’t you wonder why that could be? He probably did something stupid in London to make them boot him out and instead début in Paris.

Before his clothes even appeared on the runway, Kanye West addressed the fashionistas and celebrities in his audience — which included Lindsay Lohan — and gave the a drawn out and ridiculous rant, which ruined his chances of people having an unbiased view of his collection.

Kanye said:

“This is my first collection. Please be easy. Please give me a chance to grow. This is not some celebrity s***.

“I don’t f*** with celebrities. I f*** with the creators who spend every day trying to make the world a beautiful place…

“They wouldn’t let me back in London. They said, ‘You cannot release the collection, they will not let you back in, they will f*** with you at the border.'”

People are sure to go “easy” on him after that speech for sure. Poor Kanye West just doesn’t know when to speak and when to keep his mouth shut. If he had just gone out and introduced his line in a normal way, he would have been better off. Instead he had to go and make a spectacle of himself and give people bad ideas about his line before they even see it.

If a designer said “This is my first line…so go easy on me” what would you think? Would you think that the designer thinks their clothes aren’t up to par, which is why they are defending them before you even see them? That’s kind of what it seems like in this case.

And, as far as reviews go, they haven’t been too kind. Christina Binkley, from the Wall Street Journal, called the show “painful” and compared some of the looks on the runway to the clothing that the cartoon characters The Flintstones wore. Ouch.

It seems like Kanye West succeeded at making his clothing line a flop before anyone even set eyes on it. A feat that only he could pull off for sure!

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