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And I was so proud of Tami for giving up that tacky wig from her first season on the show and getting her hair together! Well it turns out, she ordered some weave from another company after asking to be a spokesperson for them, then started her own hair line, all while rocking the other company’s weave! (Remember when women wore weaves in shame…?)

Apparently tis the season to be sued but this time the fight is not over money owed. A $500,000 lawsuit was filed against Tami Roman for buying the hair, wearing it and promoting it as her own. It’s over acknowledgement Hair Rights?? “THAT’s MY HAIR IN YOUR HEAD GIRL! Admit it! “, alledgedly claims owner of Bella Dream hair Constance Corleone.

Several months ago a rep from #BBW Tami Roman’s camp contacted Bella Dream hair (according to TMZ) so she could be a rep for the hair. Not only did Bella Dream Hair not get any quotes from Tami Roman on how well the hair was working out but next thing that happens “Tami announces her hair line “Curls by Roman” and was alledgedly wearing the Bella Dream hair in the picture advertisement. Shame! Shame! Tami mailed hair back to Bella Dream hair but it was NOT the hair originally sent to her (claims a very reliable source). #wheredeydodatat

This is the TMZ version of the story and information from a reliable source. However, I’m sure my good friend to the site Tami Roman will be calling me and setting the record straight. Stay tuned. Weave Wars continues. Check @belladreamhair and @tamiroman twitter war tweets.

via TheWordEyeHeard