The Giants just won Super Bowl 46, beating the Patriots 21-17. And Birdman should be SALTY, seeing as how he bet $5 million on the Pats. Or did he…?

Celebrities bet on sporting events all of the time, but no celebrity has ever bet as much as Cash Money CEO Birdman says he was going to bet on Super Bowl XLVI. Earlier this year, the rapper told his followers on Twitter that he planned on betting $5 million on the New England Patriots in the big game.

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Approximately 48 hours after the tweet went out, reached out to Birdman, ready to accept the wager — the only thing is Baby never followed through. This prompted the company to open odds on whether or not Baby’s bet will even be placed.

On Thursday morning, was forced to close all of their Birdman bets due to his inactivity.

“Even though the Birdman props were still getting tons of action, we had no other choice but to close them,” stated Dave Mason from

“For one, all of the action we were getting was one-sided; his fans were all betting against him to make the bet – they had lost all faith in him. Additionally, since an international wire can take up to three business days, even if Birdman decided that he was going to indeed place this record-setting wager, the money might not have been in his account by kick-off.”

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