One of the people Ray J’s bodyguards two-pieced outside a club says he suffered a concussion,and fully intends on pursuing charges! Looks like the Money Team is coming off some bread!

One of the guys who claims he was beat up by Ray J‘s bodyguards earlier this week says he blindsided  by the knockout punch and he fully plans on pursuing charges against the people who attacked him.

Phil, who can be seen laid out on the sidewalk in the video below, says he was merely standing up for a friend of his. He tells TMZ his friend told one of Ray J’s bodyguards to go “f**k himself” after the bodyguard tried to get him to back away from Ray J’s car outside of a club in Hollywood early Friday morning.

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Phil says the bodyguard responded by punching his friend and when Phil tried to come to his friend’s aid, he was blindsided by another of Ray J’s bodyguards. He says he “just woke up on the ground.”

Phil tells us he suffered a mild concussion and went to the hospital on his own to get checked. Phil says he definitely plans to pursue charges.

We’ve been trying Ray J for days to get a comment — still no word back.

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