‘You think I need a man for that? Please…I’m loaded’

Breaking onto the music scene might be easier than expected for Amber Rose because it sounds like she may have a pop hit on her  hands with ‘Loaded’.

On the track, which is her first official single, Amber shows off her Ke$ha flow as she takes it to the clubs and the dance floor. Using an electro beat similar to “Sexy And I Know It” by LMFAO, Amber makes sure you know she’s got the funds to do anything she wants with or without a man.  Amber brings major attitude and a rich b*tch persona as she raps:

“Hell yeah I like the finer things

Silk sheets and diamond rings

Big yachts and private planes

Fast cars in my own lane.

This girl means business

and I don’t need no wish list

My fine ass is high class

And there’s nothing I’m missin’

Hell yea I like to spend my cash

Can’t count how much I have

I flip the script up

these boys be asking me for half

So I throw a couple of dollars

And I buy up the bottles

Looking for someone to spot ya

don’t worry I got ya

If Ke$ha recorded this catchy track, it would probably burn up the charts. Let’s see if it does the same for Amber..

Listen below:

via NecoleBitchie

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