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Valentine’s Day is today.  People will spend the day doing one of three things. Some will spend the day finding ways to profess their love for their partners. Others will go about their daily activities as planned. But there’s one more group. This group will spend the day wallowing. I call them wallowers. Wallowers are the people who spend the first half of February complaining about how much they loathe Valentine’s Day. Really, it’s not that they hate Valentine’s Day, they hate the fact that they don’t have a valentine. So they spend the day and the days leading up to it in a self induced funk.

That funk, although self induced, is not to be kept to themselves.  They want you to come to their self pity party, so they broadcast their discontent on Facebook, Twitter, via SMS messaging and any other forum where someone might read about their tragic misfortune.

Every year I see some form of these complaints… every year.

This year, I have one word for the wallowers: enough!

As someone who has spent a majority my Valentine’s Days without a man, I can say that Valentine’s Day is just like any other day and nothing for you to get bent out of shape over.  Now, I don’t want you to think I’m just referring to the ladies, with this one. Honestly, I’ve seen more men complain about this “problem” than women.

Thing is, if the only time you complain about your single status is around Valentine’s Day, then I have trouble trusting your sincerity. Your v-day rant is consciously or subconsciously about wanting someone to feel sorry for you. And  if you complain about being single year round then you’re just pathetic. I realize being single is not always the ideal situation; but trust, no one is going to be attracted to your whiny personality.

So instead of wallowing in your singleness on Valentine’s Day or any day for that matter, reflect on the people who do love you. Most of us have friends and family members who are single like we are. Make them your valentines. Buy each other candies, go out with them. If your loved ones aren’t near, celebrate the best earthly love, love for yourself. Buy yourself something pretty, eat a nice dinner and go home and make love to yourself. Seriously.

I can hear some of you thinking right now, “it’s not the same” or “that’s lame.”

Your right, it’s not the same. But it’s better than nothing. And as far as being lame, nothing is more lame than writing miserable Valentine’s Day statuses. Even after years of using social networking sites, some people have yet to realize that sharing your every thought and emotion isn’t always appropriate.

So take a big girl or big boy pill, look for the silver lining and enjoy the day. If we learned anything this weekend, it’s that life is too short. There’s no time to complain about a day meant to celebrate one of life’s greatest gifts.