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When Fantasia won American Idol, she didn’t sign up to hand out half azzed performances and she expects the same from other artists too. Including veterans like R. Kelly.

This past weekend, fans came out to see R. Kelly and Fantasia perform at the Blake Hotel in Charlotte, however, they were left disappointed when R. Kelly performed for less than two minutes. He reportedly sang the intro to ‘Bump N’ Grind’ and started ‘Slow Jam’ before he abruptly walked off of the stage with no explanation. Folks were real mad… Including Fantasia who came on stage after him and said she found R. Kelly’s brief performance to be ‘disrespectful’

[I’m not going to give] you half of a song, I’ve come to give you your money’s worth. I found it a little disrespectful, but things don’t happen like that ….especially in my city.’

So what exactly happened to R. Kelly? According to Jermaine Dupri, who didn’t show up at the event at all, the promoters didn’t have their money. In a lengthy explanation of why he didn’t show up on youtube, Jermaine claimed the promoters didn’t put him in a five star hotel as promised and didn’t send a car for him to get to the event. He said that R. Kelly must have heard that they didn’t have the rest of his money because he sang a line or two and was out of there.

R.Kelly was suppose to be there tonight, it was suppose to be me, R. Kelly and Fantasia or somebody right, alright so R.Kelly must have went in but girls were coming out of the door saying ‘R. Kelly ain’t say nothing but 6 lines and got the hell on’ so somebody must have told R.Kelly. R.Kelly said ‘I don’t see nothing wrong with a-’ and got the f**k out.

Well, atleast we know Fantasia will give you a good show whether she gets paid or not. Jermaine Dupri said that one of his fans tweeted him and said ‘JD, sometimes you just have to do sh-t. It ain’t about the money’ and his response was that ‘It ain’t about the money. It’s about the responsibility of the promoters.”

Check out footage of Fantasia and R. Kelly from the event:

Jermaine Dupri tells his side of the story below!