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Teyana Taylor and Melody Thornton both set out to prove themselves on their new mixtape releases.

We all know Teyana Taylor is coming out of a high-profile deal with Pharrell’s Star Track, and this is her first time putting out a complete project years after she hit the scene. The same goes for Melody who’s finally striking out on her own as a solo artist in attempts to escape the shadow of former Pussy Cat Dolls front woman Nicole Scherzinger.

While Melody’s mixtape plays out like a cohesive album during which she sings her heart out for 10 straight tracks, Teyana put together a bunch of the best songs she’s recorded over the years that together give a continuous Jackson vibe (Michael and Janet), filled with references to Lauryn Hill [hence The Miseducation].  We finally get to hear who Teyana is as a versatile artist while she explores live instrumentation on ‘Make Your Move’, spits rhymes on ‘Bad Boy’ and, at one point, even ventures into an acapella version of Lauryn Hill’s ‘That Thing’. Other highlights include ‘Gatekeeper’ and ‘D.U.I’ featuring Jadakiss and Fabolous.

Meanwhile, Melody lets us know that she’s out to prove her worth after leaving Pussy Cat Dolls during the outro track ‘Hit The Ground Runnin’. She sings:

I’m here to remind you, What’s done in the dark comes to light. Just so you know cause you tried to bury me doesn’t mean that you will shineYou expected me to fall […] I’m still here to remind you that your success is not determined by my demise. Just so you know cause you tried to take for you what was rightfully mine.’

Other highlights on her P.O.Y.B.L [Piss On Your Black List] mixtape include  ‘Loving You Better’, ‘Smoking Gun’ and ‘Sweet Vendetta’.

Listen and download both mixtapes below:

Teyana Taylor – ‘The Misunderstanding of Teyana Taylor’

Melody Thornton – ‘P.O.Y.B.L.’

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