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Long distance to short

Suddenly living in the same town when you’ve been long distance comes with its problems. The one who moved to the town has no foundation—probably no friends there, could be looking for a job, and might end up depending on the other one more than they can handle. But, if the one who moved to town makes a strong effort to plant their own roots and not lean on the other too much, and the other understands the one who moved to town needs some help, they could get closer.

Moving in together

Think about the time you moved in with a best friend and…now you’re not even friends anymore. When you don’t live with someone, you have the chance to only see the good sides of them. Their roommate gets to hassle them for the rent check they’re always late on, or to take out the trash or clean their dishes. No matter how much you love your man, those things will drive you apart if you both don’t have the same standards for how you take care of your home.

Short distance to long

Two things can happen when your partner moves away. 1) You realize just how much you loved them and you miss them so much or 2) You find yourself oddly…at peace. You go on about your life. Your life seems even easier and happier. You don’t notice their absence. It sounds sad, but it’s actually a good thing to know. It shows you might have just been together for convenience.

Death of a loved one

Whenever someone dies, we all begin to contemplate life and realize how short it is. We start taking stock of the things and people we want to spend more time on during our short time here. If you’re struck by tragedy like death of a loved one, it becomes very clear very quickly if your partner is someone positive to have around—a support, and definitely someone you want to spend your short time on earth with—or just a pain in the A$$. If your relationship was sour, it’s going to become too much to handle when you’re dealing with a tragedy.


If you really love someone (or just like them) you should be happy to be doing something like standing in line at the grocery store with them. The activity shouldn’t make the relationship good—the person should. So, if one person gets a promotion and can suddenly pay for activities the other just can’t afford, it really shows the one who has the extra cash how real their love is. Are they happy to just do the same old, less expensive things, so long as it’s with their partner?


If one person loses a job, and is suddenly moping around the house, feeling incompetent, insecure, and pretty much just waiting for the other one to come home, it can be a heavy burden for the still-employed half. If they really love the recently unemployed, they won’t feel annoyed by them but sympathetic for them and want to help them on their job hunt.

Getting a pet

When most couples think about this, they just think about all the joys of a puppy that they can share together. If you both take full responsibility of the dog, you can both enjoy what it feels like to be responsible for another life. But, if one person drops the ball and puts most of the burden on the other, the pet will become a point of tension in the relationship, each person accusing the other or fighting to show they’re doing the most work.